Hello everyone from 2022,

Where we started our life with a great TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)  project in 2019, expanding our collagen product family, increasing our production capacity and getting ready for consumers in different corners of the world with the export channel beyond the 40 sales points we have reached in Turkey.

Due to the pandemic, 2 years have passed, when we, as all humanity, listened to ourselves more during the days we were lockdown , began to take better care of our bodies by understanding the importance of our immune system, and inevitably arranged our diets accordingly, and our new normal emerged.

As the PACHA team, we are constantly working on new products so that our valuable consumers can take better care of themselves, feed their bodies with natural and smart foods, and prepare them for today’s and tomorrow’s health problems by keeping their bodies less tired and feeding them more efficiently.

In 2022, we will strive to increase the general food literacy level of the society, while working for more people at home and abroad to get to know us and the functional foods we produce.

We will continue our continuous R&D studies to arouse the curiosity of “Which new amazing product will they launch this spring”.

We will work to be the first brand that comes to your mind when it comes to natural collagen.

We will work to be a “bridge between the past and the future” by transporting our products abroad, while being a “bridge between the local and the global”, while at the same time carrying our ancient tastes and values ​​to the future through functional foods without sacrificing their naturalness.

And yes, as Guru Healthy Foods, we will continue to work with our wonderful team which  is growing every day, in the light of science, to produce enjoyable and healthy foods for you every day.

Happy 3rd anniversary.