Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Pacha for?

Patients with muscle and bone problems

People interested in anti-aging


…and, everyone!

Pacha is used as a source of natural, high quality collagen and protein. It is tasteful and very practical to consume. It is a perfect snack that can fit in your bag or pocket.

What is Pacha’s source of protein and collagen?

Natural, 100% bovine sourced collagen from reliable manufacturer.

Can it be consumed during pregnancy / lactation?

Pacha is not a medicine or supplementary food, but a product of high protein and collagen naturally. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers are advised to consume after talking to their doctor along with the nutritional value printed on the label.

How much should I consume?

10 g of Pacha contains 4,000mg collagen and 6,4 g protein.

There is no upper or lower limit of collagen consumption.

We recommend you to ask your dietitian and medical doctor for your daily energy, protein and collagen requirements.

How should I consume?

You can consume Pacha alone, but we believe you will find Pacha goes well with other foods. For example:

Yoghurt or Ayran: Pacha is a perfect snack, which the protein is balanced with carbohydrates, when you consume with yogurt or ayran.

In the salad: Making a light salad with high protein is possible with Pacha.

Fruits: Do you want protein and sweet together?  Pacha with apple slices will satisfy you.

Sauces: The hidden touch of the chef’s table will go very well with the great sauces you prepare. For example, Pacha & humus 🙂

How many flavors of Pacha?

There are 4 flavors of Pacha: Spice, Ginger and Lemon, Yogurt and Mint, Prunes