What is Pacha Chips?

We know, that’s the question you’re all curious about.

Because it is unique. Patent application of Pacha was filed in May 2018.

It is 100% natural, very healthy and delicious.

Our starting point was trotter soup.

A traditional soup from the Ottoman to the present day. Nevertheless, the challenging soup…

Difficult to find, difficult to cook, difficult to drink especially in the hot summer days, difficult to drink because of cholesterol, difficult to consume every day.

But delicious.

We tried many approaches (production method, packing method) to convert such a natural and healthier raw material into a product which can be consumed easily.

Our goal was to produce a new product with

High Collagen

High Protein

Low fat

And finally, it become true… PACHA

It contained 64% protein and 4000mg collagen per 10gr pocket

It was developed by utilizing the PACHA TUBITAK TEYTEB Support program. (Project no: 2180695)

Pacha is a chip but not fried: no extra fat, no extra sugar.

Easy to carry, easy to consume, easy to store with long shelf life.

4 different flavors for those who are looking for different tastes:

  1. Yogurt and Mint
  2. Ginger and Lemon
  3. Prunes
  4. Spices

Enjoy your meal,

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay beautiful…


Guru Healthy Food Family

June 2019